CryTek might just teased the release date of Crysis 4!

2 Sep 2019 Monday
CryTek might just teased the release date of Crysis 4!
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

Are we ready?

One of the greatest technological achievements in the video game industry, the first Crysis was a revolution in terms of real-time graphics back in 2007. And even after 12 years, computers still struggle to play it on ultra graphics settings. But unfortunately, we didn't see a new Crysis game from Crytek since 2013, and if we consider the technological advancements in real time graphics, such as Ray Tracing, it might be actually good time to bring the next behemoth to showcase what Crytek still able to do!

Crysis 4 Release Date

And 3 days ago, Crytek released a new trailer for Cryengine version 5.6 and showcased the improvements and new features of the new version. But apart from the advancements, there was two important moments in the trailer. The first of them, if you skip to 1:10 in the trailer, there is LED screen showing of some numbers. "20 19 08 and 29". But the important ones are the first 3 numbers. The last number might just show the release date of the trailer itself which is 29 August. And if you inverse the numbers you get a date "08.19.20". There is no evidence it might be release or announcement date of Crysis but when you look at the last scenes of the trailer, which start at 2:17, you will see that the forest is actually can remind you the first game. Also consider that the all other footage except this, are taken from previous Crytek games like Hunt and Rise. Also the last thing you heard from trailer, "CryEngine" sounds like a NanoSuit voice! All previous CryEngine voices was a normal female voice!