"Date of E3 2021 Will Never Going To Be Happen" is it true or just a rumor?

10 May 2020 Sunday
"Date of E3 2021 Will Never Going To Be Happen" is it true or just a rumor?
Zeki Topçu
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There are lots of rumors about the postpones and cancellations of the events, fairs, concerts, etc. One of them is about E3 2021 and it said the date of the fair will never be announced.

Mik Jaret of Running With Scissors talks about his fascination with Rockstar Games and E3-and its apparent death-between the discussion of Postal 4's jank-a especially positive response at Early Access.

"Date of E3 2021 Will Never Going To Be Happen" is it true or just a rumor?

This undoubtedly has some sort of truth in it. Even if E3 returns, it'll probably never be the same again. It's kind of sad though, nobody can say they're going to miss it, especially the conferences. Many people around the world have always watched these events, even when they were poor.

Some people will say we don't need them anymore, because at different times of the year they can all do their own shows, but it's not the same. It is not difficult to guess that everyone has different thoughts. It is always more exciting to be together in a big event.

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Date of E3 2021 Will Never Going To Be Happen is it true or just a rumor?

What is the date of the E3 2021?

ESA, of course, does not seem to settle for the fate of E3. The organization announced its plans for E3 next year to its partners. The organization company, which marks the dates of 15-17 June 2021, promises a new show that is re-imagined for the next year. 

The company has not yet provided full information about its plans for the E3 2021 but has also not made public that its digital plans have been removed. However, the information is given to whispering newspapers, and various foreign broadcasters always push us in this direction.

In the cancellation announcement of the ESA, “We are also exploring the options to coordinate an online experience with our members to showcase industry announcements and news in June 2020. Updates will be shared on E3Expo.com. ” said.

We shared an article about the E3 2021 announced by ESA with a statement and more at the beginning of April 2020.