Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 Review
Football Manager 2019


Producer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: SEGA
Multiplayer: Yes
Platform(s): PC
Review Platform: PC


+ Detailed exercise mod
+ Expanded dialogue options
+ Menu design
+ Improved graphics and match broadcast motor


- License problems
- FPS drops

We said hello to Football Manager 2019 at the beginning of November. Each year, the graphics of the game and partial changes in the menu stood out. But as soon as we start the game, we see that the designs are changed radically. With a completely new user interface, Football Manager 2019 is the most detailed and outstanding version of the history of football coach games.

Football Manager 2019 Review

The game's warm default theme looks pretty good. We believe that fan of the series will soon be familiar with the new design. Furthermore, the addition of renewed logos, emblems, footballer pictures and the addition of new licenses, especially the German Football Premier League Bundesliga, is a good innovation. With the development of years, it is a fact that ordinary computers are causing trouble for the high quality of the series. You can adjust the quality of the game according to your computer by the preferences section on the main menu.

Football Manager 2019 Review

We can say that the biggest innovation in FM 2019 is training programs. Three sessions have been arranged each day, allowing you to customize the training program of the team you have chosen to suit your team's season needs. Clicking on a daily session opens a window listing 10 different training areas that you can choose from. Within these 10 options, you can benefit from various training by emphasizing different areas of your team's development. In the previous years, you were able to train your players on a general level, that is to say, to practice in defense or attack. Although these options are still available under general option, you can fine-tune in FM19 to achieve more success and get the best out of your squad. You can even perform social events with your team except for the match day. Of course, there are premade programs if you get confused by these type of things in games.

Football Manager 2019 Review

We see that the FM 19 has two technologies that are being used in many leagues in the real world. The first of these is the Video Assistant Referee. The system in which the referee who communicates with the video assistant referee through the headphones to evaluate the critical positions or a controversial decision he makes, using a TV screen on the field when deemed necessary. The other is the line technology that shows whether the ball has crossed the line. We can easily say that both technologies bring such innovations to the game. The in-game dialogue options are greatly enhanced and there are plenty of options available.

Football Manager 2019 Review

The economic problems experienced by the teams are completely reflected in the game. You experience the problems that UEFA has in the game completely. And of course, this situation makes the game more realistic. 

Last but not least, we are faced with the game which makes you spend hours easily, discover new abilities with the new seasons, win amazing trophies with wonderkid abilities. One of the best games of the series is FM 2019, which has a few license problems.

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