Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Review


Producer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Multiplayer: No
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Review Platform: PS4


+ The world of the game is very beautiful and has a lot to do
+ Focus on the character itself, not just on the mask
+ Very pleasant to walk around the city
+ Fighting system and equipment use
+ Costumes


- Side character tasks
- Some enemies are faded

Spider-Man first appeared in the Amazing Fantasy series in 1962 and been with us since then with thousands of comic strips, arrays, movies, and games. With his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man has become more popular than ever. So we have seen several games of Spider-Man. Some of these games were not technically insufficient, while others were not of the quality we expected due to the style of the production team. So far we have just encountered Spider-Man games focusing on the mask. Now I'm not going to tell you about the reasons for this for a long time or the history of Spider-Man you are already familiar with because there are really many details to tell in the game. Then let's get spider costumes and wander around the streets of New York.

Marvel's Spider-Man Review

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Spider-Man has so many reasons for us to love it. If you ask me, the reason behind our love is not the costume, the enemies, or swinging from building to building. He struggles on life conditions despite his superpowers, I think that Spider-Man is among the details that we see Spider-Man close to us. Insomniac Games is aware of this and has managed to come up with an entire story. 

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Review

Peter Parker's shortage of livelihoods first appears with a piggy bank that he saves money in the first scene of the game. Throughout the game, this situation, as well as films and many other topics related to Spider-Man have been mentioned so beautifully and tastefully, you get amazing details like this. So, a newspaper clipping on the playground, a piece you found, or Peter Parker's own referrals are small, but they show how detailed the game is. Speaking about referrals, I have to say that you will come across very nice surprises in the game.

We've never seen Manhattan Island so beautiful, and there's a ton of things to do here. Manhattan Island where we discover the map by synchronizing the radio stations has many extras such as backpacks, simple crimes, Kingpin's gangs, photographing important areas and Harry's research zones. So even if you don't go on with the main quest, you're facing a full world.

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