My Hero One's Justice

My Hero One's Justice
My Hero One's Justice


Producer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Multiplayer: Yes
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One
Review Platform: PS4


+Character designs are good
+Voiceovers are successful


-Gameplay mechanics
-Storytelling is not good enough
-Unbalanced characters

My Hero Academia, which is the most speculated Shonen series of recent years, has reached millions of viewers in Japan and then worldwide. Although the story was a cliché, the presentation of the script was very impressive. My Hero One's Justice which mixes Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and such famous series of interesting stories, also mixed the mechanics of previous Naruto games such as manga and anime series.

My Hero One's Justice review

My Hero One's Justice

Developers who put all the good characters we saw in the series into the game did not forget to add the characteristics of the characters to the game. But compared to other fighting games, My Hero One's Justice is easy to play. With more superficial mechanisms, My Hero One's Justice, unfortunately, cannot be as attractive as the Naruto games. While the character combos are very limited, the animations are not very special. In addition to the online mode, we can change the costume of our characters in the story and missions mode. On the story's side, starting with the fight of All for One and All Might, we turn back to the time when our main character Midoriya was an intern. Midoriya, who started his internship besides Gran Torino in the summer, mostly takes tasks around the school. Storytelling similar to Naruto games can be boring in some places if you watched the series.

On the side of the missions, we are challenged by the side characters we encounter in the series. Developers working diligently on each character's voices added the fight lines we saw in the anime series to the game's fights. Unlike the Naruto games, My Hero One's Justice, which allows fighting in the air, is similar to the old Dragon Ball games. However, sometimes you cannot notice what the character you are controlling is doing because the character combos of the game are limited on the ground and in the air. For this reason, while playing with some characters, the animations of your competitor's abilities will surpass your combos.

My Hero One's Justice

The balance of the character’s powers of the game is unfortunately not fully fitted. While some of the characters are very strong, All Might, shown as the strongest character in the series, is not shown very strong in the game. However, the character balances do not change according to the players. In other words, no matter how well you play with an unstable character, you can't beat the characters that are designed very strongly in the game.

My Hero One's Justice, which is graphically pleasing to the eye, gets passing points from us from this point. The disinterest in Naruto's fighting games is not shown in this game. My Hero Academia’s game which is inspired by Marvel and DC comics looks nice when the comic-like effects appear in the fights. But still, some of the animations in the game are unnecessarily exaggerated.

Some animations are so noticeable that you can lose control of your character while fighting. In the end, I recommend playing My Hero One's Justice, if you are a seriously familiar with the series. My Hero One's Justice, which is inadequate as a fighting game, is unfortunately not at the same level of fighting games released this year.

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