New Sony PSVR Patent for PS5

29 Jun 2020 Monday
New Sony PSVR Patent for PS5
Kerem Koldakoc
Kerem Koldakoc Editor

Even there were no info about the PSVR in the Sony event, a new Sony PSVR patent could offer some indication of what to expect with the next-gen PS5.

Earlier this month, Sony hosted ‘The Future of Gaming’ event to show its brand new technology, PlayStation 5. Sony confirmed that new-gen PS5 will work with PSVR but they gave no information about PSVR. Current PSVR owners kept in the dark because not even one PS5 game confirmed to be VR compatible. Even there were no details about the PlayStation VR 2, a new Sony PSVR patent could offer some indication of what to expect with the PS5.

Now, a new patent proves that Sony hasn't forgotten about PSVR. A while ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent that gave some clues about sickness reduction for PlayStation VR 2. According to Gaming Intel, Sony’s latest patent filing is for a new information processing system and implementation of "VR Sickness Reduction System". "VR Sickness Reduction System" designed to help stop feelings of motion sickness and nausea while using the headset. The other patent, new "Information Processing System", is targeting a "highly enjoyable viewing experience" for the user through improved processing programs. This will make virtual reality more smooth and immersive.

Sony PSVR for PS5

The new information processing system will “provide a user who views a virtual space with a viewing experience with high entertainment characteristics.”. Patent drawings show that the new headset will look very similar to the current edition. It is still unknown what a PS5 VR game will look like.

New Sony PSVR Patent for PS5

Sony gave a little information about its new console. Its complete launch lineup, price, and release date are still unknown. And even less is known about the PSVR. But, at least, the new patents prove that Sony is working on something new and improved for the new console, PlayStation 5.

PSVR started slow but quickly became a favourite accessory. Its relatively low price and lack of need for a high-end gaming PC made it favourite. There also some nice games like Iron Man VR for PSVR. So we just have to wait and see what the future will bring. Stay tuned, enjoy.