Samsung Galaxy S10+ should come with 1TB of storage

30 Jan 2019 Wednesday
Samsung Galaxy S10+ should come with 1TB of storage
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

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Smartphone wars will be much hotter than 2018. The previous year was all about the screen to body ratio and smaller notch, but this year we are going to see much more notchless phones in the market. And Samsung, which is not released any phone with a notch is going to showcase their flagship, Galaxy S10+ in no time. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will be the first flagship Samsung's phones coming with Infinity-O screens. The Infinity-O screens will hide the front cameras in the screen in a very cool way.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ storage capacity

But the Infinity-O screens will not be the main feature of the Galaxy S10 family. Today, Samsung Electronics has announced their first 1TB eUFS2.1 storage chip. The Galaxy 10+ probably coming with it. The new 1TB eUFS2.1 storage chip does not just have higher capacity, it is also much faster than previous generation storage chips. The new chip can reach 1GB per second sequential read and 260 MB per second write speeds. 

You can find the comparison table below:

MemorySequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom Write
1TB eUFS 2.11000 MB/s260 MB/s58,000 IOPS50,000 IOPS
512GB eUFS 2.1860 MB/s255 MB/s42,000 IOPS40.000 IOPS
256GB UFS Card530 MB/s170 MB/s40,0000 IOPS35.000 IOPS
256 eUFS 2.0850 MB/s260 MB/s45,000 IOPS40,000 IOPS
128GB eUFS 2.0300 MB/s150 MB/s19,000 IOPS

14,000 IOPS