SpaceX is nearly getting close to the end of mission with the crew

5 Jan 2020 Sunday
SpaceX is nearly getting close to the end of mission with the crew
Zeki Topçu
Zeki Topçu Editor

SpaceX is making the final preparations for it's first mission that brings people into space. Elon Musk has released a simulation video outlining this great mission.

SpaceX is a company that experimented the space flight tests which always not going on as planned by firsthand. As you know, in early 2019, an explosion during the test destroyed the Crew Dragon capsule. However, the people working on the project are quite optimistic and have not lost their faith yet. NASA thinks the capsule may be ready for the first crew (Demo-2) test flight to ISS in the first quarter of 2020 and Elon Musk is showing us the company's vision. by sharing a video simulation of how this flight will take place in.

SpaceX is nearly getting close to the end of the mission with the crew

In a two-minute clip you can see the flight crew, the countdown, takeoff and the process of leaving the Falcon 9 rocket. Additionally, the Crew Dragon capsule projected onto the Falcon 9 rocket, clamped to the ISS and ultimately returning to Earth with a soft, parachute-assisted landing, is reflected in the images.

Since 2011, the space agency has been using the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to move the crew into orbit. According to the latest sensations, SpaceX has successfully completed the Crew Dragon engine tests. The work has finally come to an end and the tests will be completed soon. Finally, Musk says all systems may be ready to work in mid-2020.

Crew Dragon should be physically ready in February, but it will probably take several months to complete all security reviews.