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Commando Jack Respawn Announcement for Private Beta

19 May 2020 Tuesday
Commando Jack Respawn Announcement for Private Beta
Zeki Topçu
Zeki Topçu Editor

Commando Jack Respawn Private Beta, which is another version of the Commando Jack, that 10,000,000+ times played Tower Defence, First Person Shooter strategy/action game, announced.

It's been eight years since Colossal Games creator Charles Burt created another iteration of Commando Jack, the 10,000,000 + times Tower Defense, First Person Shooter Strategy / Action Game played! He wanted to work on a revamped version of the PC and distribute it directly to clients, it sounds incredible. But the result is creating the Commando Jack Respawn.

Commando Jack Respawn Announcement for Private Beta

Originally developed for smartphones, the game was rated 5/5 stars to the very first version. He thinks a lot about whether the game was supposed to get lost through the years and releases. Now, he's here to repair this. He says it was a long and arduous journey to get to the stage where he can do it on his own.

Via people signing up to complete the beta and having some feedback he will greatly appreciate any support so he can create a better game!

You may use this link to:

  • see a sneak peek of the game
  • sign up to the beta
  • see rewards for completing the beta
  • or just provide your email address for updates