Diablo Immortal is announced at the Blizzcon 2018 event

We’ve been waiting for Diablo 4 for a long time. There were rumors about the game in many places on the Internet. We all tried to understand something from the pictures shared by Blizzard. Just like a detective, we combined the clues that Blizzard offered us. Blizzard officials said the following about the Blizzcon 2018 event: “We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror. While we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show.”. We think that they made this statement to increase the excitement because today is the day friends. Although Diablo 4 is not announced, Diablo Immortal, the new mobile Diablo game, is officially announced at the Blizzcon 2018 event.

Diablo Immortal is announced at the Blizzcon 2018 event

Blizzard presented its long-awaited new Diablo game, Diablo Immortal to fans at the Blizzcon 2018 event. We are curious about what the game, which is one of the most anticipated games of the game world, will offer us. Our expectations are high because we are talking about Blizzard and Diablo at the same time, I mean, come on. But we must say that we were not expecting a mobile game. The release date of the game is not yet clear. But the fact that a new Diablo game was officially announced after all this time was enough to make us happy. We will continue to share the news about Blizzcon 2018 event, stay connected.

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