Discord’s worth is increasing incrementally

24 Dec 2018 Monday
Discord’s worth is increasing incrementally
Günseli Özkan
Günseli Özkan Editor

Game sales increases Discord's value

The worth of Discord has increased by $150 million since the game market is opened. Discord's market worth reached $2.05 billion. The figures show that the decision to open a game market was a pretty good decision for Discord. After Steam, Epic Games opened an online game market under the name of Epic Games Store and started selling games through this platform.

Discord’s worth is increasing incrementally

Last April, Discord's worth was announced as $1.65 billion. After starting to sell games, Discord's value increased by $150 million to $2.05 billion. Opening Discord game market was a good decision, we can tell. Discord, previously announced that they will use the money from the game sales to improve the application. Stating that they want to increase the user experience with the money coming from the game sales, the company improves the sound quality and adds new features to the application. Discord and Epic Games Store are taking steps towards becoming a rival to Steam. Both companies are trying to make their applications appealing by giving free games and promising more profit to the producers.