FIFA 19 All High/High Squad Build

9 Jan 2019 Wednesday
FIFA 19 All High/High Squad Build
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

They will never stop running

FIFA Ultimate Team is a hard place to enjoy if you don't have a nice team to play with. And hardest thing to do in FUT is building a nice team. There is lots of elements you need the consider when you buy a player.

FIFA 19 High Workrate Squad

Most of the FUT Players just checking the overall rating of the players and consider them as good. But actually, there is a thing which is as important as overall rating, workrates.

Workrates of the players is also important because when you had a High/High Workrate on a player, he will constantly work on both attacking or defending, having a full High/High Workrate team will play a team game and you can play much more easily than low workrate team.

So if you want to try this tactic, we made a squad for you. The squad is not expensive you can build it around 110K to 120K, so even if you are not rich, the team is easy to make. Here you go:

FIFA 19 All High/High Squad Build