League of Legends still leading in global gaming traffic share

There is no doubt about the modern games become more and more online-focused in recent years. The reason behind that is probably players wants to become more social when they are enjoying their games. With this lean into the online market, more companies entered the rivalry for making best online experience they can produce. So in recent years, one of these companies step ahead with their MOBA genre game. Of course, I am talking about League of Legends. You might probably thinking LoL is slowly dying thanks to PUBG and other Battle Royale games, but numbers are showing a different scenario.

Is LoL dying?

According to MakeDataShine.com, League of Legends still leading in online gaming market with %26 internet use traffic share. Closest game to LoL is Fortnite and it is only using %14.85 of global gaming traffic share. If you curious about PUBG? It seems the rumors are true, because the game is only using %6.02 of traffic share. And its also surprising to see that Black Desert is really close to World of Warcraft with less than one percent difference.

league of legends still leading in global gaming traffic share 1 1

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