Minecraft board game announced

This year’s annual celebration of all things Minecraft, Minecon, started earlier today. With massive sales and surprising announcements, fans are already pleased with the first news from the event. The most surprising announcement is probably the Minecraft board game developed by Ravensburger.

Minecraft board game announced

Minecraft: Builders & Biomes, a new tabletop game by Mojang and Ravensburger based on Minecraft, is letting players explore the Overworld, mine structures, and their surroundings just like the video game version. Players can collect points throughout the game for their “structures and largest connected biomes”. Many iconic Minecraft hostile mobs from the Overworld like Enderman and Creeper is on the game too. Successfully besting a mob earns “players points in addition to granting additional awards.” Minecraft board game usually takes “30-60 minutes” to play and can be played with two to four players.

Preorders for Minecraft: Builders & Biomes are live on Amazon for $39.99, and the tabletop Minecraft has a November 15 release date.

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