'The Witcher 3' manages to sell 20 million copies

15 Jun 2019 Saturday
'The Witcher 3' manages to sell 20 million copies
Ağahan  Çelik
Ağahan Çelik Editor

Clearly one of the best RPG games of all time

We have to wait until April 16, 2020, for the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077, the next open-world RPG game of the developer studio CD Projekt Red (CDPR). However, the studio has an excellent background in developing unique and high-quality RPG games, and The Witcher 3 is an excellent example of this.

The Witcher 3 sold 20 million copies

The Witcher 3 has become extremely popular thanks to CDPR 's attention to detail in both the main story of the game and the side missions. The game is still one of the best selling games (especially on PC). Nowadays, The Witcher 3 will probably sell more copies with the upcoming Nintendo Switch release. 

CDPR also shared the sales numbers of this successful game so far. The Witcher series in every platform apparently sold more than 40 million copies in total and 20 million of these sales comes from The Witcher 3. Let's see if this number will increase significantly after the Switch release.