When will Zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile?

12 Feb 2019 Tuesday
When will Zombie mode added to PUBG Mobile?
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

We got a clue

With more than 200 million downloads and 30 million concurrent users worldwide, PUBG MOBILE is planning to reward the vast number of players with more surprises throughout 2019. One of the most anticipated features for PUBG Mobile is, of course, the famous zombie mode. There are millions of players who are waiting for the zombie mode for the mobile version of the game. 

When will PUBG Mobile 0.11.00 update released?

According to Mr Ghost Gaming, PUBG Mobile v 0.11.0 update will release at end of the February. The new update will bring many features to the PUBG Mobile like PC level customization, optimizations, new arcade map and of course, zombie mode. The Zombie mod for PUBG Mobile is will be a limited period mode. With zombie mode, PUBG Mobile will also get Resident Evil 2 themed items, menu theme, music and moonlight weather in Vikendi map. The 0.11.0 update will be a huge step for PUBG mobile, lets hope to see that in less then a month!

How to download PUBG Mobile Beta Zombie Mode?

Also, if you try the zombie mode in the v0.11.0 beta, you can download the beta APK through here.