A new video released for Days Gone focusing on Motorcycle

A new video was released for Days Gone, one of the most anticipated games of 2019, developed for PlayStation 4. Days before the release of the game, producer Sony Bend continues to publish videos about the gameplay dynamics of Days Gone. In the last video published, an important part of the world of Days Gone is showed to the players. The video shows how Deacon's engine affects gameplay.

Days Gone's new video focusing on Deacon's motorcycle

Days Gone, developed by Sony Bend Studio for PlayStation 4, will take place at the shelves and digital markets on April 26th. The producer continues to publish videos about Days Gone's fascinating world, a little while before the game is released. One of the most important mechanics of the game we tried to survive after an invasion by a creature is Deacon's motorcycle. In the open world of the game, we will use Deacon's engine to travel from place to place. The engine of the Deacon can be personalized and the performance can be improved by various improvements.

Days Gone Game Trailer Video

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