Gran Turismo Sport 1.63 Update is Out

Gran Turismo Sport 1.63 update is available by Polyphony Digital. The update brings minor improvements to the title.

Gran Turismo Sport 1.63 update is available

The first update for Gran Turismo Sport in 2021 has arrived with the launch of patch 1.63 today. This patch brings in fixes for Penalties and Sport Mode. One of the issues that are addressed in the Penalties is related to the minor collisions that resulted in an issue, and algorithm that will decrease the number of penalties for those with a poor internet connection.

Also, Sport mode gets an update with this update for Gran Turismo Sport. The update is about the number of regions for the Manufacturer Series. The new regions are Europe/Middle East/Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Oceania. Last but not least, if you want to read and more about this 1.63 update, you can check out all the changes and improvements that came out with this update below:Gran Turismo Sport 1.63 Update is Out

Main Features Implemented

1. Penalties
 – Addressed an issue where minor collisions resulted in penalties.
 – Adjusted an algorithm to decrease the number of penalties issued when the internet connection environment is poor.

2. Sport Mode
 – The number of regions for the Manufacturer Series has also been changed from five to three with the Gran Turismo Sport 1.63 update. The regions now consist of Europe/Middle East/Africa; the Americas, and Asia-Oceania. The Nations Cup will continue to be hosted in five regions. For more detail, visit Manufacturer Series Matchmaking Update Notice

Other Improvements and Adjustments

– Recalculated the time loss for pitstops on various tracks.
– Adjusted the point of full brake application for the Logitech G923 Racing Wheel set.
– Various other issues have been addressed.

Gran Turismo Sport did not do good when we compare it to the previous games of the title. But the developers state that the next Gran Turismo 7 will bring the game back to its roots. Gran Turismo 7 also got a delay. The title will release in 2022.

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