Is Coronavirus Outbreak’s solution in games?

After the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak, the games started to be used to find new protein bonds for the coronavirus. It was stated that though to the game called Foldit, which is free to play, it is possible for scientists to produce effective vaccines against the coronavirus.

Games May Be a Remedy against Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

The main purpose of the game named Foldit, which was released for the first time in 2008, is to better understand the cellular structures that are like a puzzle. The researchers used what they called Folbit, saying, “The game will help us find out where the vaccines effect and where they triggered.”

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On Foldit, players are offered various puzzles that they must solve. The puzzles to be solved are based on protein bonds. As players pass the puzzles, they produce a new type of protein binding. Thus, it is tried to reach the results of the shapes or structures of the virus. Scientists also make various inferences by looking at the new connection types that players find.

Games help Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak vaccine

The new Coronavirus-type COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, China’s Hunan province, was rapidly spreading around the world. The virus, which has caused thousands of people to die, is a cold and flu virus.

Because it was flu and cold type, it was among those said to be able to develop anti-virus drugs. However, in order for the drug or vaccine to be found, the entire structure of the virus had to be revealed. After the entire structure was analyzed, scientists could come to the position to produce drugs that would break this structure.

The ability to unravel the entire structure was in calculating various protein connections. If researchers could discover different types of connections, the time to find the drug could be shorter The game called Foldit, which was previously used for HIV / AIDS, was adapted to the new virus.

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Virus structures were actually among the structures that were very difficult to understand. Normally, a person would have to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine to study viruses. however, the producers who made it easier wrote only a system in which the shapes were brought together. Through this system, the players only had to put some shapes side by side. If they could pass the episode, they created a new protein bond and could contribute to scientists.

To play the game and try your luck, you can click here and visit the game’s page directly.

Can solving puzzles for science stop the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak?  Who knows…

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