Abandoned: First Story Details Shared

Hasan Kahraman, the head of the game, shared the first story details for Abandoned. Participating in a Youtube podcast on April 5, Kahraman talked about the development process of the game and the story. The game will focus on Jason Longfield, the brother of a cult leader. Jason will be the one who resists not joining the cult and his brother. Others will join us throughout the story.

Abandoned: First Story Details Shared

When the game was first announced, Hideo Kojima’s canceled P.T. was considered a continuation of the project. It was even claimed that Hasan Kahraman was a fake name that was put forward to hide Kojima’s name. The producer of Abandoned, Blue Box, even announced that they received death threats.

Abandoned: First Story Details Shared

Of course, one of the most important reasons for this process was Blue Box’s promotional style, which would attract a lot of suspicion. After Kojima’s P.T. project was “abandoned”, announcing a game called Abandoned, emphasizing that it would be a horror/survival game, publishing teaser videos and running outlandish ads and promotions for an independent studio gave Blue Box a headache.

The release date of the game, which we know nothing about except for the small story details, is also unknown.

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