Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

Press enter while playing a game, then type in one of these codes. The top line is the code and the bottom is the effect.

  • cheese steak jimmy’s: 1000 food
  • robin hood: 1000 gold
  • rock on: 1000 Stone
  • lumberjack: 1000 Wood
  • woof woof: Birds Become Super Dogs
  • how do you turn this on: Cobra Car
  • natural wonders: Control Animals
  • black death: Defeat Everyone
  • torpedo# (# is which empire you want to destroy.): Destroy Individual Enemy Empire
  • wimpywimpywimpy: Destroy Yourself
  • aegis: Fast Build
  • furious the monkey boy: Furious the Monkey
  • resign: Instant Loss
  • i r winner: Instant Win
  • marco: No Fog of War
  • to smithereens: Saboteur Unit
  • i love the monkey head: VDML
  • “Marco”, then “Polo”: You can see your enemy vision line

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