Agon AG271QX Review: By AOC for Gaming

We are here with the AOC Agon AG271QX review. AOC, which has become one of the most successful monitor brands of the world in recent years, is also popular in the gamer equipment market now. With its gamer-focused monitors, AOC is making every player dream of having a monitor like that. AOC Agon AG271QX monitor is the brand’s new monster released in 2018. Let’s examine the features of the monitor together.

Agon AG271QX Review


First of all, we are seeing the traces of the AGON brand’s aggressive design that we are used to on Agon AG271QX. Agon AG271QX is easy on the eye with its red color. We can also say that the preferred thin frames offer an enjoyable experience while watching movies or playing games. The triangular design of the lower part also achieves to make it look modern and solid. The Agon AG271QX in our review, which you can adjust to almost every direction, from right to left, up, down, forward, and back, can easily adapt to your way of using it. Considering the fact that the monitor has a TN panel, this type of adjusting is a big must.

Agon AG271QX Review: By AOC for Gaming

The buttons in which you can adjust monitor settings placed to the bottom of the monitor. However, there is another option for players who like to work fast. Agon AG271QX contains a wired controller that AOC gamer monitors have. You can quickly change your monitor settings thanks to the controller that you can install to the back of the monitor. Players who use different modes for different types of games will find the controller of the Agon AG271QX as we review extremely useful. AG271QX has another functional feature. You can hang out your headset to the monitor’s collapsible bracket on the side and get rid of the complication. Personally, I think all the monitors should have this feature from now on.

Agon AG271QX Performance

AOC’s Agon AG271QX monitor designed and developed for gamers. It’s not hard to tell so when we look at the technical specs. It’s screaming “I am here” to the gamers who emphasize the details with its QHD 2K meaning 2560×1440 resolution. But what makes the Agon AG271QX a gamer monitor is not the resolution as we review, it is the refresh rate. The AG271QX offers a refresh rate of 144 Hz, and if your computer’s performance is sufficient, it achieves to provide a smoother experience. Especially in competitive games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and PUBG, the 144 Hz refreshing rate is a great advantage for the gamer. This monitor achieves to provide the wishes of the perfectionist gamers.

Agon AG271QX Review: By AOC for Gaming

Agon AG271QX limited in terms of color quality and angle of view because of the boundaries of the TN panel as we review. Many details on the screen disappear with high contrast settings. Color saturation is not sufficient compared to the monitors with IPS panels. Although the angle of view is not a big problem for small changes. It may be necessary to adjust the monitor when you change your position in order to watch a movie for example. Also, these are not caused by the AOC’s design. But by the limits of the TN panels. Although IPS panels don’t have color quality and angle of view problems, they do not provide a response time of 1ms and refresh rate of 144 Hz which Agon AG271QX has.

Agon AG271QX Review Last Words

AOC’s new player monitor, the Agon AG271QX, has succeeded to provide the wishes of the perfectionist gamers. If you’re constantly playing competitive games and emphasize on the performance, you need to add the AOC’s Agon AG271QX to your list.

Technical Specifications

  • Response Time (ms): 1
  • Brightness: 350 cd / m2

Monitor Features

  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Image Format: 16: 9
  • Sync Technology: FreeSync
  • Display Colors: 16.7 Million
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2331
  • Viewing Angle: 170/160
  • Active Monitoring Area: 819.84 x 345.87
  • Refresh Rate: 144 Hz

Contrast Ratio

  • (Dynamic) Contrast: 50,000,000: 1
  • (Static) Contrast: 1000: 1

Monitor Type

  • Curved: Yes
  • WQHD: Yes


  • Speaker: Yes

Monitor Connection

  • HDMI: Yes
  • Display Port: Yes
  • MHL: Yes
  • USB 3.0: Yes
  • D-Sub (VGA): Yes

Monitor Weight

  • Weight: 11,8 kg

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