Apex Legends is getting a huge update

28 Sep 2019 Saturday
Apex Legends is getting a huge update
Berr Turan
Berr Turan Editor

Apex Legends Season 3 is coming with a new character called Crypto, a new map, and an overhaul to the game's ranked mode.

Mark your calendars if you're an Apex Legends fan because the game is kicking off its third season next week. Apex Legends came a long way since its release and Season 3 update seems to be on the same track. As far as the trailer goes new season seems to include some expected changes like the new character called Crypto, which a lot of you already know, and an overhaul to the game's ranked. But Respawn Entertainment didn't stop there and surprised fans with a new map called World's Edge, where molten heat and chemical ice collide.

Apex Legends is getting a huge update

World's Edge seems to have an ice and fire theme keeping the map intact with the season's "Meltdown" title. Since the trailer is an animated cinematic no one really has an idea about how the map will really look. But as far as what we see from the trailer, it's likely that we see a moving train in the map. Just like the previous seasons, Season 3 will have its own battle-pass with exclusive skins. Meltdown will launch on October 1st and EA announced that more will come during the season. See the official announcement and the trailer below.