Hitman 3 Players are having Server Problems

Players of Hitman 3 players reported that they are having some server problems in the last game of the World of Assassination trilogy. The players stated that they could not save their tasks and therefore could not progress.

Hitman 3 Players are having Server Problems

As we know, IO Interactive released Hitman 3 yesterday and review scores are already published.. Players have the chance to continue progress from the first two games. They can carry over data by syncing progress from Hitman 2 via the IOI Profile website. But the carry-over website is so slow or unavailable.

IO Interactive is Working on it

The bad thing is, if players are not successfull about the carry-over progress, they have to wait. Because the the process will wipe out any progress made in Hitman 3 prior to performing the transfer. IO Interactive posted on Twitter about Hitman 3 server problems and said: “We’re hard at work on getting IOI Account back online to enable progression carryover. We’ll tell you when it’s fully operational again. Please press F5 on Twitter instead of our site. We want it back up and running just as much as you do. Thanks!”.

And after this tweet, they posted an update saying: “We hope many of you are enjoying the game & we’re continuing to make progress on fixing server issues. We want to get you (& your progress) in the game ASAP. In the next few hours, our updates will be less frequent – thanks for your patience!”.

But of course there are some lucky players who were able to carry-over their saves succesfully. Hopefully, the problem will be fixed as soon as possible and everyone can enjoy their game. Stay tuned, enjoy.


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