Square Enix Released Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.29, Adds Ardyn DLC

Square Enix’s latest action RPG game Final Fantasy XV, which was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, considered as a decent game with its long length, full of content and various areas to be explored. Square Enix just released a patch for FF XV and added Ardyn DLC to the game.

With the new update, there is a new story line (features the main antagonist of the game) became available for the players who still has FF XV in their libraries and the patch will take approximately 9GB space from your storage. Yet, the new Ardyn DLC will be a separate purchase from the main game and players need to buy it in order to access the new storyline. 

Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.29 notes

  • Addition of compatibility with Episode Ardyn
  • Addition of pieces from Episode Ardyn to music player tracklist
  • Distribution of once-exclusive Master Assassin’s Robe outfit
  • Various bug fixes

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