ASCII Mod for Doom

Doom mode created with ASCII.

We are familiar with “Doom has been adapted to that console, this machine, that device.”. And then, there are mods. There are traditional mod tournaments each year for Doom. The 1337d00m mod succeded to be outstanding.

We saw it on the oscilloscope too.

It is now a tradition to make old games adapt to strange and different devices (some of which are known as oscilloscopes and advanced calculators). However, one of the producers pushed the limits and was able to play the classic Doom in the ASCII encoding. In some ways, Doom is now playable in the Matrix universe. Each character on the screen can change color according to the background and adapt itself to sudden changes (if you want a more challenging experience, there is also 'monochrome' mode). Although it may be difficult at first, you get used to it after a while. The mode is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX, it can run smoothly on any computer.

You can try the free 1337d00m made with Unity Engine here and gain a new Doom experience. 1337d00m has also become popular on YouTube, you can watch the gameplay video of 1337d00m by “Nostalgia Nerd” below.

Doom GamePlay Video

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