Atlas received a Mega scale content update

Grapeshot Games delivers its ATLAS Mega-Update #2 today, a massive content drop for the pirate survival MMO that cracks open the frosty doors of the new Polar Ice Dungeon and reveals the Abominable Snowman Boss Fight. Players can start exploration on two new mission questlines, five new equatorial islands and discoverable areas, a crossbow and speargun weapons, a fishing net, two new tameable creatures, the “water carrier” Olfund and the Giant “armoured personnel carrier” Tortuga, new ship structures, cosmetics, and much more! The update also includes a ton of bug fixes, QOL, and new features for players and Companies.

Atlas received a Mega scale content update

Haven’t yet set sail on the high seas? During the next 48-hours ATLAS is available on Steam Early Access for the promotional price of $14.99 ($29.99 Early Access S.R.P). Come on in, the water’s fine!

Developed by the creators of the dinosaur survival adventure ARK: Survival Evolved, ATLAS hosts up to 40,000 players exploring the same globe simultaneously, leading to an unprecedented scale of encounters, conflict and exploration! In ATLAS, players must stake their claim in this massive world as they construct custom ships, seek out buried treasure, siege and conquer fortresses, plunder wealthy merchants and recruit their own crew to join their powerful Armada in the ultimate quest for fortune and glory!

ATLAS Mega-Update #2 Key Features:

New Quests

  • Into the Ice – When you have collected all the Power Stones, head deep into a Polar Ice Dungeon to discover what lies beneath…
  • Master Cartographer – Get at least 40% of the ATLAS Discovery Zones.

New Discoverable Areas

  • Ice Dungeon – An enormous dungeon found deep in the depths of the polar region. Once occupied by pathfinders but now deserted. Rumour has it that they were slaughtered or their fear of a legendary and elusive mythical beast steered them away.   
  • New Islands – Multiple new large equatorial and polar islands have been added to the ATLAS!

New Boss Fight

  • Abominable Snowman – Activated lights in the boss arena now power a shield that maintains the Snowman’s ice armor. Killing a round of minions will disable the shield, and prevent minion spawns for a short duration, which allow the ice armor to receive damage. When the minion cooldown is over, the shield reactivates. When the ice armor reaches 0, the Snowman’s health can be damaged directly and no more minions will spawn until the next health state.
    Upon entering each new health state, one extra minion will spawn at a time, and an increased amount of minions will be required to be killed for the shield to be deactivated. When in the last health state and ice armor is destroyed for the final time, chaos ensues, and will continue until the boss is killed!

New Creatures

  • Olfend – This quirky looking creature narrowly avoided being burdened with the moniker: the Camelephant. The unique Olfend possesses some utilitarian attributes based around water. Water can be collected as you ride it across fertile land r by drinking from lakes and the considerate Olfend will store it, distribute it amongst water containers or…spit it in a friend’s eye. The delicately-legged creature also has the potential to be more heroic than it may appear by being put to use in extinguishing fires.
  • Giant Tortuga – In some ways the Tortuga, or carrier turtle, acts like an organic armoured personnel carrier and, in others, it is similar to an organic submarine. Nestle under its sectioned shell for protection or stay sheltered as it plunges into the depths and affords its passengers reduced oxygen consumption.

New Weapons and Ammo Types

  • Ballista Ammo Type – Boat Harpoon (can be used to attach and reel in other ships).
  • Speargun – With a highly accurate piercing projectile, a rapid reload rate, and the ability to reuse ammo the Spear Gun is the best choice for underwater weaponry!
  • Crossbow and Crossbow Bolt (multiple shots, cannot be used underwater).

New Structures

  • Offensive Structure: Torpedo Launcher and Torpedoes – Skill is obtained after completing “Into the Ice” quest.
  • Building Structure – 3×4 Medium Gates.
  • Ship Structure: Crgo Container – This large hangar-based crate can carry a ton of resources at a massively reduced weight, but can only be accessed when anchored, and slows down the speed of the ship which carries it. It can also be dropped into the water if your boat needs to make a hasty getaway, and recovered later into its hangar!
  • Creature Structure: Freight Box – The large storage box can now be placed on the back of a bear or horse’s field-harness saddle, where it becomes a special “freight box” that provides reduced weight for the items it contains when on land. And now you can ferry around your items while looking like a proper travelling merchant!
  • Utility Structure: Ice Box – A high-insulation box for generating ice in cold areas. Has “active” mode that will drain ice but reduce surrounding temperature (reverse fire). Consumes less ice if “indoors.”
  • New Resource: Ice – Generates over time in cold zones inside of the Ice Box. Decays relatively quickly if not in “insulated” storage. Can be consumed to reduce temperature and the half negative effects of armour weight debuffs for a short duration (15 secs per ice cube, max of 5 mins). Ice can be placed inside preserving bags to extend spoil times, and also lasts much longer in preserving bags. Relatively heavy.

New Cosmetics

  • Hydra and Cyclops Armour Sets – Two new ornate armour skin sets have been added to further ensure your stylish pirate looks the part.
  • Steering Wheel Skins: Bone and Hydra – Steering Wheels now have cosmetic skin slots! You can apply these dynamically to alter the lok of your steering wheel, and then further uniquely colorize them. The Hydra Wheel provides an exotic serpentine appearance, while the Bone Wheel will send shivers down the spine of the sturdiest sailor.

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