GTA VI Announcement: Statement from Take-Two

The GTA brand is already hosting quite popular games. Even though GTA V is a rich enough source, yet the GTA VI discourse will dominate the market. Responding to questions about the GTA VI announcement, Zelnick touched on what players were wondering about.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick at the Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference, he made some statements for GTA VI, which expected to be the new game of the GTA brand.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick answers questions on behalf of GTA VI.

Discussing unannounced products release plans is a mistake, Zelnick said. He then gave detailed information about how his company faced such a situation under another brand before and added that they wanted to present their innovative sides to gamers under the original content of the productions mentioned under the name of Take-Two.

GTA VI Announcement: Statement from Take-Two

Working harder to employ more people

Zelnick added that they are doing more business because they are hiring more people.

He points out that they are an independent and autonomous community and draws attention to the work he and his team do. Here, he emphasizes that one of the criteria that determine their quality is different ways of thinking.

How will the sales success of GTA V affect the new GTA process?

If you have had the chance to experience a production under the GTA brand as a gamer, you will know how high the quality is. GTA V was reached huge sale numbers in the past years. The production, which has become the face of the brand, continues to protect its throne with its continuing playability and quality.

He said that they aimed to keep the motivation of the people working in the studios undertaking the production process high. After then, he added that they did their best to provide a pleasant working environment.

He continued his words by saying that consumers do not know what they are looking for in production and added that even if a new game comes, it should be innovative. But there is no definitive GTA VI announcement so far.

After that, he added that consumers do not know what they are looking for in production, and added that even if a new game comes, it should be innovative.

While GTA Online adds value to its value with micropayment, waiting for a GTA game soon is like utopia. GTA VI announcement is not on the plans. However, the new game, which will release under the brand of GTA, will not overshadow the success of GTA V. Strategies prepared by experts in the field will keep both games alive just like in NBA 2K.

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