Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC Release Date and Trophies Leaked

Immortals Fenyx Rising will get its first DLC on January 21 according to the listing that is available on the Nintendo eShop.

The leaks of Immortals Fenyx Rising are listed on Nintendo eShop

When you visit the specific page Nintendo eShop has listed the artwork and release date for the first DLC of Immortals Fenyx Rising. This was revealed by Ubisoft back when they announced the post-launch plans for the game. Also, it appears to add a new Trials of God as per the eShop listing. “As Fenyx, overcome the trials of the gods of Olympus to join the Greek Pantheon and fulfill your destiny, ” reads the small description on the Nintendo eShop.

Also, after these leaks, official statements of these upcoming DLC’s are also available on Ubisoft’s official page. “A New God sees Fenyx meeting the gods on their home turf, Olympos, to undertake the Trial of the Olympians. By surviving this series of challenging vaults built by the gods themselves, Fenyx will prove their worth and join the Inner Circle of the Pantheon.” Says the official page.Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC Release Date and Trophies Leaked

And after the DLC leak, trophy leaks also came up on Twitter. Which shows the obtainable new trophies that are a part of this DLC. You can find the DLC trophies of Immortals Fenyx Rising Below:

Better Luck Next Time – Fail the Initiation trial
Putting in Overtime – Complete the secret trial
Overblessed – Acquire all blessings
Tested and Approved – Earn your promotion
Wardrobe Warrior – Find every piece of gear
Zoomies – Master the art of fast transportation

Immortals Fenyx Rising is also available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. It is really surprising that such a new title getting a DLC early on. We will see if the upcoming DLC will meet the expectations of the players. You can also take a look at the review scores of the game by clicking here.

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