Borderlands 3 Will Have ‘’Crazy’’ Amount of Bosses

As Borderlands 3’s gameplay revealed in the previous days and new information are being shared, the level of anticipation is also getting higher for the FPS-RPG game. Today Lead Enemy Designer of Borderlands 3, Josh Jeffcoat made a statement and said everyone in the team is trying their best to make the game as good as possible.

Borderlands 3 will have tons of bosses 

He stated: ‘’We had to design completely different ecosystems and enemies for every single planet. We had to make something new, we couldn’t just bring something over. Just trying to come to grips with the scope and how we were going to be able to build everything in time was an incredible obstacle to overcome.’’

‘’And the number of bosses in the game and those really big set piece moments is much more than in any other Borderlands game. Just an absurd number. It was so big that my department built a brand new department only for those mega-moment bosses. My friend Matt Cox runs the boss team, and his only job is that every huge, major boss fight in the game goes through him. That’s how we solved that problem – we got more people and piled onto it.’’

On the other hand, producer of Borderlands 3, Chris Brock said: ‘’ We’ve done Pandora over three games. We wanted to do new things and push things in a different direction environmentally, and that meant we needed to go to new planets. Pushing into those new planets created a need for more art, more flora and fauna, and more environmental storytelling. It can’t be all Pandora stuff, that doesn’t make sense. Establishing all this world building for lots of worlds has been probably the biggest struggle.

‘’We had to change the way we worked. We had to become scalable. We had to work across teams.’’

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