Crusader Kings II gets a Tribute Band

13 Oct 2018 Saturday
Crusader Kings II gets a Tribute Band
Murat Oktay
Murat Oktay Editor

Paradox to Unleash Holy Fury on November 13

Crusader Kings II returns to its roots with Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury. The newest expansion to Paradox’s medieval dynasty manager again turns its eyes to the cross and the sword, as religious strife tears across the Old World. You can unsheathe your righteous sword on 13 November, 2018.

Crusader Kings II gets a Tribute Band

As a Pagan chieftain, join a Warrior Lodge and become a legendary hero through mighty feats of arms and bravery. As a Christian king, seek out the blessing of the Pope for your coronation and plot to entrench your own family in the Holy Land in the free update to the game’s Crusade system. There are saints, new types of Crusades, and a deep Pagan religious reform system that lets you customize the new faith.

But you can’t put Europe to the sword without songs of war, and Paradox has found the perfect partner in PAGAN FURY, a neo-folk-metal band fronted by the charismatic Arven Latour. Paradox was so impressed by their dedication to crafting music dedicated to Crusader Kings II, that PAGAN FURY is now the Official Rock Band of the game.