Serious Sam 4 Popemobile Can be Drivable to Vatican

A new trailer for Serious Sam 4 shows, you can drive the popemobile in the game’s structure. It strikes that we are using new tools to take on enemies and the Vatican was chosen as the region.

The highlight of Serious Sam was not that everything was perfect or realistic, but that everything was always broken. A new trailer for Serious Sam 4 shows one of the main changes, you can drive the popemobile

Our big-faced brother, Sam, who never laughs, is a Vatican traveller for some reason. But as he does not know the way, he asks an aunt of our local people for directions. As soon as our aunt ever hits the young boy. He begins to walk the young man, and immediately describe to him the location of Popemobile. Our character Sam says, “Not me, aunt, let me go directly to the Vatican.” Our aunt says “Don’t be a stupid boy. This is the new Popemobile and Sam continues his way as a machine surrounded by heavy weapons.

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Popemobile Will be Drivable to Vatican in Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4, Vatican, Popemobile!

When you say Popemobile, don’t think of that glass-covered car that the Catholic Church pope used on public trips. Sam’s popemobile is more functional. We can call it a killing machine that mentally used to slaughter his armies. Of course, when Sam turns into such a giant monster, it is not unusual to expect enemies to grow. A gigantic enemy that seems to have come from the Cthulhu myth also appears right after the trailer. Of course, the way of fighting enemies is not tactical or strategic. As we are familiar with from the Serious Sam series. In the style of “hit a lot, move a lot, think less”. We are already paying for this game for this. Croteam’s way of clinging to absurdity and showing us the ridiculous side of everything serious makes this series valuable.

Serious Sam 4 is actually not the first game we encounter giant enemies. In the third game of the series, we encountered gigantic enemies and beat them all. If we beat a giant robot running around like crazy in the middle of Afghanistan and firing guided missiles left and right. The tentacles of the creature that came out of the Cthulhu myth should not be much trouble for us. The game will release for PC on September 24, 2020.

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