Cultist Simulator gets New Game+ mode with latest update

24 Jan 2019 Thursday
Cultist Simulator gets New Game+ mode with latest update
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

Cultist Simulator’s new game mode, new content and new challenges are available now

The free update adds another 20,000 words and a positively unfair end-game mode, pitting the player against one of four busy demigods with little time for occult parvenus. We’ve been updating the game actively for the last six months, and this brings Cultist Simulator to double the size it was at launch.

Cultist Simulator New Game+ Mode Update

Achieving any standard victory in the game will unlock the three new Apostle Legacies, but we’re not monsters. If Cultist Simulator already feels too much like the Dark Souls of solitaire, you don’t have to try New Game+.


  • MAJOR VICTORIES: You achieved immortality? Well done. Now, the hard bit. Play as your own Apostle, executing a doomsday plan to make your immortal character something like a god. Pursue the path of Grail, Lantern or Forge. Assemble the Great Feast; open a door into light; or Bring the Dawn.
  • MOAR LORE: Delve even further into the rich lore of the Cultist Simulator world. What is the Dawnbreaker Device? Where is the flaw in the world to be found? What is the Third Mode of the Tricuspid Gate? Who are the avid, ancient, brilliant women who call themselves the Ligeians... and why are they helping you?
  • IMMORTAL ENEMIES: They’re here to prevent your greater ascension, and add challenge and replay value while they're at it. These powerful NPCs make Detectives and Rivals look like playground bullies. See your loved ones kidnapped; your finances shredded; your affairs exposed to the public; your dreams become a battleground. Confront them in person, if you dare.