Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79 Percent Of Its Player Base On Steam

According to data shared by GitHyp, almost 4 out of every 5 Cyberpunk 2077 players on Steam have quit the game. Thus, Cyberpunk 2077, which broke sales records, also ran to the fastest quit game record.

The Cyberpunk game undoubtedly one of the most talked-about games of 2020, and before it released, it fell in the middle of a separate controversy after its release. The game ran such a powerful advertising campaign before its release that expectations for the game skyrocketed. When CD Projekt Red released the game last month, all dreams ruined.

Cyberpunk 2077 demonstrated how successful its advertising campaigns were by selling 13 million copies as soon as it was released and breaking a series of records as the single-player game with the most concurrent players on Steam of all time. However, incredible optimization problems and bugs, especially in the console version of the game, led to the removal of Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79 Percent Of Its Player Base On Steam

4 Out of Every 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Players on Steam Have Quit The Game

The Cyberpunk game has lost 79 percent of its player base on Steam. Since its “noisy” launch in December, according to data reported by GitHyp. The number of active players of the Cyberpunk game, which had more than 1 million simultaneous players in the first days of its launch. However, has now dropped to 200 thousand players.

It’s natural for a single-player story-based game to lose its player base after a certain period of time. After all, when the story is over, technically the game is also over. However, it is not normal for a long-running game. Cyberpunk 2077 to sell millions of players in such a short time. If we need to make a comparison; The previous popular game of CD Projekt Red, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Wild Hunt, lost its mass of players only three months after its release.

Cyberpunk 2077 Lost 79 Percent Of Its Player Base On Steam

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