Denuvo has been removed from Resident Evil 7

29 Jan 2019 Tuesday
Denuvo has been removed from Resident Evil 7
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

It was already cracked by the way...

As you probably already know, Denuvo software, which used by game developers to protect their product from the pirates, can affect the overall performance of the game by using the CPU constantly to check the game if it's cracked or not. So because this problem, most of the developers are removing the Denuvo protection after the game is cracked by any hacking group. 

Denuvo Protection is removed from Resident Evil 7

Today, Capcom also choose the same way and removed the Denuvo protection from highly successful Resident Evil 7. But it will not change anything for the hacking groups because the game was already cracked after the release. But it will interesting to see that the removal of the Denuvo protection will change the performance of the game. But as we know that the game is not CPU heavy on the systems, so performance difference will be minor compared to CPU bound Denuvo protected games.