Emma Watson Decided to Retire From Acting

The Harry Potter star Emma Watson says that she will be retiring from movie acting and will be stepping back from public life.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson quits acting

Emma Watson is a face in the movie scene that we all are familiar. But from what it looks like, we will not be able to see her in cinemas anymore. Because according to The Daily Mail, “Emma has gone underground, she is settling down with Leo. They’re laying low. Maybe she wants a family.” This means that the 30-year old actress will more likely focus to the relationship with his fiance Leo Robinton. Also, repordetly saying, she also declines any new commitments when it comes to movies.

Emma Watson rose to fame as a 10-year-old child star playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. She has only acted in three projects over the last five years – Beauty and the Beast, The Circle and Little Women. In another sign the actress is stepping into the shadows. This means that we cannot hear any news from her. To be more exact, she is like a closed chest. Maybe she is just tired of being in front of cameras. Who knows?581095

We also cannot get any news from the social media accounts of Emma Watson. When we check her Instagram page “Emma’s official Instagram page is currently dormant and is not being updated,” says on the bio with a black profile picture supporting Black Lives Matter. Her latest post was also posted back in June last year. Despite this, she still has almost 60 million followers on Instagram. This means that even she will quit acting, the fans will stay love and respect her. We wish her a healthy and happy future with her family. But she will always live on our hearts as Hermione Granger.


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