Spaceflight Plans Will Speed Up By European Union

The EU will speed up spaceflight plans. This is why we can say that it tries to show itself against SpaceX and China. Space, outside the Earth’s atmosphere and among other celestial bodies; It is the name given to the space that is thought to be infinite in the rest of the universe, except for celestial bodies. But the scientific part of it is not vital that space adorns every person’s dreams. There is no exact boundary between the atmosphere and space, but the Earth’s atmosphere becomes thinner as you go up. Humanity has gone through many times to conquer space. But the developments are even more exciting.

EU wants to show itself in the space race with Spaceflight plans.

EU Will Speed Up Its Spaceflight Plans

The new space race is warming up, and the European Union is aware that it needs to keep up. Space is now a racing platform. Space chief Thierry Breton said in a statement for Reuters that the EU has stepped up its plans in light of the rapid progress of private companies such as SpaceX and China’s success. It means that developments will increase. Galileo moves the distribution of navigation satellites to 2024 three years ago and will use its budget to support reusable rockets and other new launch technology for the first time. The EU also has a € 1 billion agreement with Arianespace to promote innovation and a contribution of € 1 billion and competitions to support initiatives. The world seems not to be enough for us.

Along with Elon Musk’s new satellites, many devices are orbiting the Earth. Breton also hoped to set up a system to prevent collisions with satellites and other orbital elements, as well as the pan-European satellite broadband network. We can say that it is a must now. Also, this can be a good reason to hurry. The EU is pushing independence from other countries’ space systems, and it is harder to rely on slower, unusable rocket launches and the US satellite constellation. The world is preparing to reach a very advanced level in this regard. Whether this is possible is another matter. It is also relative, but developments show this.

The EU still faces the realities of the epidemic that ravaged the Earth, and there is no guarantee that space flight will get a big enough budget when many other things need urgent care. When the problems on Earth are over, space will be waiting for us with all its flawlessness.

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