Far Cry 6 Leaked Gameplay Footage is Here. What Awaits Us?

As you might know, there was the official event of Far Cry 6 today. However, hours before the event, Far Cry 6 leaked gameplay footage came out online.

Far Cry 6 leaked gameplay footage came out to the video platforms all of a sudden

We know that Ubisoft was going to host a special event for the Far Cry 6 reveal. But from what it looks like, the gameplay footage came out before the event. Far Cry 6 leaked gameplay footage can be found everywhere as of now. But if you want to take a look, be sure to be quick about it as Ubisoft is well-known to copyright-strike the leaked material of their games.

The attempt of removing the leaked footage of the game seems not to work, as the leak is almost anywhere. It seems that the company that ensures the removal of videos on Youtube has not been able to cope with the new videos that have appeared. On the other hand, we see that the gameplay video is uploaded in parts on social media channels such as Reddit and Twitter.

Far Cry 6 Leaked Gameplay Footage is Here. What Awaits Us?

When we look at the Far Cry 6 leaked gameplay video, we see that the game has a structure that follows the previous games of the series. The surroundings and atmosphere look very interesting. In addition, a wide range of weapons is included in the video. The parts where we love a crocodile wearing a T-shirt and where we ride a horse are the prominent points in the video of the game. We can say that the map of the game is quite large. It seems like a huge map will appear again with small settlements and endless forests.


Giancarlo Esposito, who has appeared in dozens of important productions apart from Breaking Bad, Mandalorian and Better Call Saul, will play a ruthless dictator named Anton Castillo in the upcoming title. In Far Cry 6, where players will play as a character named Dani Rojas, will engage in a great guerrilla struggle against Castillo. One of the most important aspects of Far Cry 6 is that it has a vast majority of weapons and landscape. We will see that this country has a tropical climate in the production that takes place in an imaginary country called Yara. You can watch the leaked gameplay above. If the video gets removed, you can access it via Twitter by clicking here.

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