First voice of Lara Croft, spoke about Tomb Raider

The legend of Tomb Raider began in 1996, 23 years ago. One of the reasons that made Tomb Raider so special, which is one of the most impressive productions played by many game lovers at the time, was undoubtedly its main character, Lara Croft. Shelley Blond, who performed the character in the first game, made some explanations about the Tomb Raider after 23 years.

Lara Croft's first voice participates in ComicCon

Shelley Blond, who attended a special presentation at Comic-Con St. Albans, made some statements about Tomb Raider. As a result of the questions, Shelley Blond explained how many hours she worked on the project and how she got involved in the project. Take a look at this delightful interview below:

Tomb Raider Game Interview Video

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