Google Transcribe will be a new mode “close real-time”

Google is getting ready to add another to its translation application called Google Transcribe. This feature allows users to record audio in one language and voiceover in another language in real-time.

Google Transcribe will be a new mode “close real-time” for Android

Who doesn’t need urgent translation? Google is signing an app that allows us to listen in different languages and read in our own language or in different languages, in real-time. The name of the application is Google Transcribe. It is still in the prototype stage. A couple of days ago, Google demonstrated the technology at its office in San Fransisco.  It was not the full demo of the features. But the recording appeared almost as smooth as you would see in the Google Recorder app or Live Captions

Do we need a new translation application?

Absolutely yes! As technology advances, it becomes more complex to move to the next level of every program we use. Translation programs are often complicated and may not be able to give you exactly what you want. The programs that we use or people need a certain period of time in order to be able to understand the best of a speech, a text we want to be translated. The translation application also needs time to translate the sound it hears in the best way. Absolutely Google’s translation technology is becoming even more effective with Google Transcribe.

Google Transcribe will be a new mode close real-time

Google product manager Nick Radicevic said the following during the company’s press event:

“We would like to get to that level of quality such that it’s comparable to someone who is a native speaker just literally translating something for you. We hope to get there one day.” And also he added that there are many factors that will affect the quality of the transcription. Your phone’s microphone is one of them. Even whether or not there’s a case on your phone also affects the transcription. In addition, each language has its own complexities that can complicate translations, although he says the target is to have transcripts available for “all major” languages currently supported by the translate app.

It sounds great! Listen to one language, read in another one! 

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