Grounded Official Launch Trailer Showed Up

The Grounded Official Launch Trailer has arrived. The creators of the game come up with a trailer that we can call great on Xbox Games Showcase. We can not say that they are ambitious, but both the game and their sense of humor are quite pleasant and beautiful. To give a small example; “If you are waiting for the biggest game of the year then wait for the CyberPunk 2077.” They show a good respect for CyberPunk 2077.

In addition, the person speaking the game resembles the movie trailers in the form of “this summer, one team”. This is pretty nice. He then goes on: “But if you are ready for the smallest, we've got you covered.” It is precisely at this moment that we see a little man in a situation where he thinks he is safe in a rather small shelter.

The game is a survival game, but it continues and says; “This summer, strive together to thrive together or just feed your friend to spiders and go solo.” As we can understand from here, the game has a co-op gameplay. We think it is necessary to give this sweet game a chance, which is very attractive with its fun graphics and theme of survival. It also contains puzzle items. The game, which is still under construction, will meet you on July 28.

Grounded Game Trailer Video

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