GTA 6 shared by David Hayter. Is it an announcement?

David Hayter, who we know from producers such as Writer: X-Men, X2, Watchmen, Warrior Nun King Shark, Guyver, Metal Gear and Jedi Master of The Old Republic, has now blown the mind of gamers with his sharing for GTA6.

David Hayter, who is the voice actor of Solid Snake, is generally very direct when announcing his new projects, but he seems to be all about the tease today. In a mysterious, hashtag-focused post, Hayter apparently announced out of the blue the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6. He tweeted an encrypted message apparently revealing the setting of Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 Great sharing announced

Did David Hayter announce or cheated on GTA 6?

Earlier this morning, Hayter tweeted with the hashtags “GTAVI” and “Toronto”. Apart from that, he didn’t add anything, but these two hashtags enough to understand for the fans about their connection. On top of that, the Grand Theft Auto brand uses fictional versions of popular cities and states, but not their real names. So, setting up GTA 6 in Toronto seems unlikely.

Obviously, with Hayter being a prominent video game voice actor, it is suggested that with his hashtag GTA 6, can work in the highly anticipated Rockstar Games’ popular open-world crime series. Although it likes to work with less well-known actors in voicing Rockstar characters, there is no reason not to include Hayter in the projects.

The company has been reported to fans that the Grand Theft Auto 6 is in early development. This shows that GTA 6 has just been released for a few more years. On top of that, Rockstar shows that it wants to try something new with GTA 6 and start with a smaller basic build and expand from there. It shows that this approach will also eliminate the growth that Rockstar Games has been employing in recent months and will allow its employees to remove a product on time without harsh working conditions.

Another point of interest in Hayter’s Tweet is the Toronto hashtag. The clearest answer to this is that Hayter explains that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be in Toronto, but given Rockstar Games’ strategy to explain the games, this seems somewhat surprising. Because, generally, the studio makes big explanations like this after a few trailers come out.

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