How Brexit will affect the gaming industry in the UK?

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How Brexit will affect the gaming industry in the UK?

As is known, the UK is trying to leave the European Union. Of course, this will have many consequences. We asked Dr Richard Wilson OBE, CEO of TIGA, his views about the UK gaming industry after Brexit. Let’s see “How Brexit will affect the gaming industry in the UK?” from his side. We thank him for answering our questions.

PLAY4UK – With Brexit, most of the EU game developers and industry workers will go back to their countries. Will it be a problem for English game development companies, regarding qualified human resources?

Dr Richard Wilson OBE – This is not correct. The vast majority of EU workers in the video games industry will almost certainly remain in the UK and will be very welcome in the UK. The UK Government also wants to retain and attract highly skilled people to the UK. Having said this, our industry, like many high technology industries, does suffer from skills shortages. We need to increase the supply of well-educated graduates from UK universities, enhance the Shortage Occupation List and operate a migration policy that enables the recruitment of highly skilled workers.

PLAY4UK – Also, there are lots of non-EU professionals in the World gaming industry from countries like India, Turkey and Russia. Do you think there will be more easier working VISA options for qualified gaming people? Will English game development companies consider this kind of countries as a new human resource?

Dr Richard Wilson OBE – The UK video games industry competes to a crucial extent on the quality of its development workforce. Our industry recruits highly skilled people from the UK, the EU and from the rest of the world. The UK Government will introduce a migration policy that enables our industry – and other industries – to recruit highly talented people from around the world.

PLAY4UK – The UK is the fifth-largest consumer market in the world for video games, with its 34.1 million players being valued at about £5 billion. Do you expect any fall in these numbers after Brexit?

Dr Richard Wilson OBE – No. A large proportion of the UK population enjoys playing video games. This will not change.

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