Monster Notebook Berlin branch will be opening soon

The technology brand Monster Notebook, known by too many local gamers because of its high-performance gaming notebooks. In a few months, Monster Notebook will open its first branch in Europe, as a part of their international penetration strategy. Considering the city of Berlin as the first step, the company aims to make sales all around Europe as well. We find a chance to chat with the manager of the company, Kayra Keri Kupcu about the objectives of this initiative.

Monster Notebook Berlin branch will be opening soon

PLAY4UK – Why did you choose Berlin as the first step to enter the European market?

Kayra Keri Kupcu – As Monster Notebook, we were planning to expand to the European market and we did some researches for a few years. We saw that Germany is rising in the gaming industry and the gaming market. According to reports, Germany is the 5th biggest gaming market in all over the world. Berlin is also in mid-Europe so we can ship our products all over Europe easily.

PLAY4UK – There are many gaming computers/notebooks in the market. Why will the end-users have to prefer Monster products?

Kayra Keri Kupcu – Monster Notebook is a bit different from other computer companies. Since 2005, we always focus on gaming notebooks. We always manufactured high-end notebooks. Also, our customers can buy a notebook that they want. They can customize it. They select the case that they want, they select the CPU and GPU and they can add RAMs, SSDs and hard disk. So the customers can buy their customized notebook.

We have 2 years warranty in notebooks and the difference is, if a customer opens the notebook case for cleaning or some other reason, the notebook will not be out of warranty. We still provide service in warranty conditions. And we provide lifetime maintenance support for free. Our customers can bring their notebooks to our technical service and in 2-3 hours, we clean the laptop, renew thermal paste and clean the fans for free.

PLAY4UK – Will you sell other bran’s hardware and accessories at the store? (Such as keyboard, mouse, monitor etc)

Kayra Keri Kupcu – We are only selling our notebooks and our gaming accessories. We have gaming mouse, keyboard, mousepad and gamepad with Monster brand. In our showrooms, we only sell our products.

PLAY4UK – How will Monster provide technical support?

Kayra Keri Kupcu – Monster Notebook has a technical service department in all Monster showrooms so a customer can bring their notebooks to our showrooms or they can send it via postal service for free. We solve the problem in a very short time so the customers can continue their games.

PLAY4UK – Are there any other European cities in the plan for new Monster Notebook stores?

Kayra Keri Kupcu – First, we start with Berlin and after that, we are planning to open a showroom in London. We are not sure that we will open showrooms in other big cities like Paris, Rome etc but in the near future, we are planning to expand to North America.

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