How to reduce loading times in PC games?

18 Dec 2018 Tuesday
How to reduce loading times in PC games?
Furkan Sakoğlu
Furkan Sakoğlu Editor

One of the biggest problems of today gaming

You are looking for how to reduce loading times in PC games? We got you covered. The games going to get bigger and bigger every year. In the 2000s, we begin to see games which takes GB's from our Hard Drives. With the 2010s, we begin to see 10's of GB's. With the end of the 2010s, now we are talking of 100s GB's. With the increase of both texture, sound and overall graphics quality, our PC's struggling to load all the data in a short time. Especially, if you an old HDD, it will take minutes to get into action.

How to speed up loading times?

But worry not, we have some ideas to reduce the loading time in all games.

How to decrease loading times in games?

Here are some solutions:

  1. Defrag your HDD: Even 7200 RPM HDD's is not enough to load GB's of data in a short time. Also, HDD's can be slow down over time after too many deletes, copies etc. Most of the game data will be written all over the HDD. So defragging might help to speed things up. There are lots of different defrag software but you can use Defragger or Smart Defrag. They are fast and reliable. 
  2. Defragging specific games: Some defragging software has a function to defrag specific software or folder. With defragging specific game, you don't have to wait hours of defragging the whole HDD, you can use Razer Cortex for this.
  3. Buying faster RAM: RAM speed is crucial for loading times in games. With faster DDR4 RAM's you can load the games much more faster.
  4. Consider buying a SSD: If you looking for the best solution, you have to check your pockets. Best way to speed up loading times of games is buying a SSD. SSD's can be tens of times faster than HDD's and can decrease loading times to seconds. Also installing the OS to a SSD will speed up overall PC performance.

To decrease game loading times, follow the instructions:

  • Defrag your HDD
  • Defragging specific games
  • Buying faster RAM
  • Consider buying a SSD