iOS 14 Introduced for Apple Users

iOS (formerly iPhone / iPad OS) is the mobile operating system that Apple originally developed for iPhone but was later used on iPod touch and iPad. It was called “iPhone OS” between 2007 and 2010. It is derived from Mac OS X. It contains 4 layers in iOS: Core OS layer, Core Services layer, Media layer and Cocoa Touch layer. The software covers an area of 2500 MB in the device. Due to the iOS operating system structure, applications cannot be installed from anywhere other than Apple App Store and iTunes. Its founder is Steve Jobs.

iOS 14 Introduced for Apple Users

The latest version of iOS 14 was not expected to arrive until September. Since February, leaked versions of Apple’s mobile operating system have been said to have been in the hands of hackers, bloggers, and researchers (via AppleInsider). Unlike past leaks of upcoming iOS versions and screenshots, it was also claimed that the entire version of the software was leaking new. There was no clear report on how the leak was, but it showed that someone might have gotten iPhone 11. iPhone 11 which was under development with iOS 14 last December. It was claimed that a person bought the phone for thousands of dollars. After the phone changed hands, it was stated that the receiver removed iOS 14 from the phone and made it to hackers and jailbreaks.

iOS 14 Introduced for Apple Users

Finally, iOS 14 was introduced. Adorned with new features, iOS 14 has been restructured with the easier interface than ever before. It looks very useful with its various sizing features and easy application access. New Widgets and extra ease of use add colour to its functionality. iOS 14 will offer a very fun experience for users.

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