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Jurassic World Evolution is Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games continues to give great free games. This time, Jurassic World Evolution is free on Epic Games Store. Once you get it, it will be forever yours.

Jurassic World Evolution is free for a short time

If you like to play business simulation games, then this one is just for you. Jurassic World Evolution is totally free for a short time. The game has the same name as the 2015 movie. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch port of the game. But it is only free for PC on Epic Games Store.

In Jurassic World Evolution, you take charge of operations on the legendary islands of the Muertes archipelago and bring the wonder, majesty, and danger of dinosaurs to life. Build for science, entertainment, or security interests in an uncertain world where life always finds a way. Bioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel, and react intelligently to the world around them. Play with life itself to give your dinosaurs unique behaviours, traits, and appearances, then contain and profit from them to fund your global search for lost dinosaur DNA.Jurassic World Evolution is Free on Epic Games Store If you want to get Jurassic World Evolution, you can click here to go to the official Epic Games Store page of the game. Then all you have to do is to click on the ”get” button. Then you can proceed to get your game free of charge. It is worth to play if you get bored at home while struggling with the pandemic that happens worldwide right now.

Even though the game has 69 points on Metacritic, the user score is higher a score of 7.4 is definitely not bad. This means most of the players like to play it eventually. Lastly, if you want to have some information about Jurassic World Evolution, you can watch the official trailer just below:



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