New Breach hero class trailer unveils the dark force of the dead

23 Dec 2018 Sunday
New Breach hero class trailer unveils the dark force of the dead
Korhan ONUK
Korhan ONUK Editor

Necromancer is here to raise deads.

To battle against powerful evil enemies in Breach, some players may want to draw upon the darker arts of magic. And if summoning undead soldiers and commanding them to charge against foes into a fiery explosion of unholy fire sounds nifty, then embrace the power of the Necromancer.

New Breach hero class Necromancer has revealed

Breach new hero class Necromancer is a master of summoning spirits and undead minions to skillfully deploy in any tactical situation. Feel free to direct a squad of skeletons to attack a specific target or draw health from the spirit energy of minions with explosive benefits. Maybe you prefer to utilize the ultimate ability of raising an undead army to overwhelm your enemies? Regardless of your choices, you’ll welcome the power of the dark side with the Necromancer.

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Breach will enter paid Steam Early Access in January 2019 with the Free-To-Play full launch in 2019.