Resident Evil Franchise Sold More Than 100 Million

Everyone who identifies themselves as a gamer must have played Resident Evil before. Or at least a Capcom game. It’s a company which began as a manufacturer and distributor of electronic game machines in 1979. They started introducing cutting-edge technology and software in 1983. Since then, the company is as an industry leader in the video gaming industry for 25 years.

Company’s one of the most known game is Resident Evil franchise. In 1993, when Capcom’s Tokuro Fujiwara told Shinji Mikami and his colleagues to create a game using elements from Fujiwara ‘s 1989 Sweet Home game, the development of Biohazard began when Capcom’s marketing manager set up the game in the USA at the end of 1994, and it was noted that the right to the name Biohazard was protected from biohazards was granted. The competition was between corporate personnel to choose a new name; Resident Evil, the name under which it was published in the west, emerged from this competition.

Resident Evil Franchise Sold More Than 100 Million

Resident Evil Franchise is a milestone for the gaming industry

Capcom has sold (via the PC Gamer) 100 million copies of Resident Evil games since the series began in 1996. The publisher has hit a significant milestone for itself and the genre of survival horror. It did not break down series sales but noted that RE7 sold 7.5 million units by itself. In its first five days the resident Evil 3 remake sold 2 million copies.

A variety of factors contributed to the company’s performance, especially a “consistent timing.” That is, it did not allow the franchise to sleep for a long time – though this is not so good as Capcom says – it doesn’t mean it has remained in the light of the show since it was released.

This strategy will not stop pretty soon. In the 2021 Resident Evil: Village at the PS5 we are expecting in addition to this year’s RE3 and Resistance. It’s only a matter of how the series of zombies goes on.

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