New Call of Duty Game May Arrive in 2023

Activision-Blizzard‘s financial forecasts predict a massive rise in 2023. The reason for this rise may be the new Call of Duty game coming next year, not in 2024 as expected. However, Activision announced that it would not release a new war game in 2023. They even stated that they wanted to release new Call of Duty games every two years. This means that Call of Duty breaks the tradition of releasing a new game every year, which it has been implementing for 19 years.

New Call of Duty Game May Arrive in 2023

Activision-Blizzard expects revenue to be almost 18% higher in 2023 than in 2022, according to Financial forecasts. With $4.688 billion, this would be the US-based company’s all-time high revenue. Normally, Call of Duty may be the only series that can increase Activision’s revenues this much. Aside from the possibility that these estimates were made before the company determined its roadmap, the reason Activision earned so much revenue does not have to be a new Call of Duty.

New Call of Duty Game May Arrive in 2023

By 2023, Activison is expected to have five games on the market. According to leaks and news, these games are: Warzone (2020), Warzone 2 (2022), Warzone Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile and a new Call of Duty zombie game. So there are already games that are expected to fill the company’s coffers. Productions expected to be released this year are Modern Warfare II, apart from the next generation console adaptation of Warzone. In this case, the year 2023 is predicted for the zombie-themed game.

Apart from all these, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has also enlarged the company’s targets, increasing the target sales figures of existing games, and it may be aimed at a higher income.

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